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Our volunteers are the heart of our campaign. They meet voters to hear who they’re planning to support, connect with community members over the phone, deliver signs, and much more!

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  • The GPO (“Organization”) is an inclusive organization committed to equal opportunity engagement and fully endorses an environment free from discrimination and harassment. Volunteers agree to respect others’ physical and emotional boundaries, gender identities or expressions, sexual orientation, age, race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, experiences, beliefs, religions, health, economic status and right to privacy. The GPO encourages all volunteers to engage in civil and respectful discussions in regards to politics, political opinions and ideology. All undersigned volunteers agree to abide by GPO Guidelines for creating Safer Spaces:
  • In the course of performing volunteer activities, the volunteer may have access to information that may be confidential. The volunteer will observe and comply with the GPO’s rules and regulations respecting confidentiality. The volunteer will not disclose or give to any person, institution, or source any information or document that may be available to the volunteer. Volunteers also agree not to post any photos, videos or writing on the Internet which can be perceived as if the Volunteer is communicating on behalf of the GPO. This does not include sharing or linking media content that originated from the “Organization” (i.e. sharing the “Organization’s” Facebook post/photo). The undersigned volunteer agrees to release the GPO from any liability that may arise from the volunteering activity. Volunteers who are members of the GPO are subject to the GPO Code of Conduct:
  • As of September 30th, 2021, all persons attending an event or activity in-person are required to be vaccinated. This includes but is not limited to: Party offices, campaign offices, in-person volunteers, door knocking, meetings, and rallies. We will not be requiring campaign staff and volunteers to check for proof of vaccination (unless otherwise ordered by provincial regulation.) Instead, all volunteers and event attendees will be required to make a declaration when they register. As well, a notice will be posted at each event stating that attendees are required to be vaccinated. Concerns about unvaccinated volunteers being unable to participate in campaign activities have been heard. Supporters who are not willing or medically unable to receive the vaccination may be provided with the ability to volunteer or attend events remotely. For example, volunteers may be able to make phone calls or do data entry from home. Likewise, event attendees might be able to participate in activities through Zoom or by watching a livestream. However, the party acknowledges this might not always be possible. View the GPO vaccination policy here.
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