Jay Wilson

Why did I vote Green in the last provincial election? I pondered this question as I sat in the shade by the river Speed on a sizzling summer day. I reflected as I cross country skied in the fresh snow last Christmas. I wondered as I drank a cool glass of fresh Guelph artesian water or taking a full breath of the fresh Guelph air. The wonder I experienced as I looked at the natural world around me and heard the trees whisper, the birds sing, the crickets chirp made me think -- what matters? What really matters? Is it the better way to harness energy and lessen waste? Is there a political movement that considers that for now this planet is our home and accepts our responsibility to care for it? Who cares about developing the quickest pathway to justice? For it is true that we are all one: we can celebrate our differences through cultural expression, yet we must never forget our similarities with all living things. We are beings of nature. We are, to quote a cliche, stardust. Nature can be cruel, violent, rough, but in the end, nature is all we have. What political party took these ideas seriously? Stood up for all and was caring, insightful and faced the big questions head on and sought solutions to problems? That is why I voted Green.

Photo of woman outside beside a tree with hands folded.

Lynne McCurdy

With a newly developed world view, I changed from being a longstanding Liberal Party supporter to voting Green for the first time in the last Provincial election. In 2020, my daughter gave me Naomi Klein’s book “This Changes Everything” and for me it did. The social isolation resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic, afforded me the time to expand my knowledge on climate change and social justice issues and to investigate further how each of the provincial parties are dealing with these issues. I now know that we need a government that will whole heartedly support a green and just recovery. I am more than ever convinced that once we all become informed and engaged, more people will vote Green. Change can only come when the collective voice is big enough to tip the scale. For me, the Green Party is the vehicle for change. It is by far the only Party that has the vision and values that align with mine. This is the party that will build a fair and just society and it is the party that has the courage and vision needed to address the existential crisis of climate change.

Jaya James

Mike is one of those visionary leaders who has the ability to see where we could be if we truly worked for the good of everyone. And despite how far we are from that vision he is able to inspire people, a community, a province that a just, sustainable, livable future is within our grasp. This is the type of leadership that every community not only needs but deserves. This is why I voted for and will be voting for Mike to represent Guelph in the Ontario legislature.