Mike Schreiner, Guelph's MPP


Affordable Living & Housing

A Climate Plan for Real Action

A Green & Caring Recovery

Housing is essential to individual well-being and dignity, and affordable housing is something our government policies must foster and protect. The Ontario Greens have a housing plan that is:

Connected: Communities to live, work & play

Affordable: Homes that people can afford

Sustainable: Housing that works for people and planet

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The Ontario Greens firmly believe there is still a path forward for the province, and the rest of the world, to get its act together to avoid a worst-case scenario. It could also create stronger communities, thriving businesses and healthier Ontarians with three priorities: 

Crush climate pollution

Restore water and nature

Succeed together

Read a climate plan that takes real action. 

This is our moment to build back a green and caring recovery. This crisis has reminded us what really matters:

Our health and those of our loved ones;

Clean air and locally grown food;

Front-line workers and care providers;

A safe and affordable place to call home.

Learn how the Ontario Greens will Build Back Better.

Help Mike build the kind of world we all want.

Join Mike’s campaign team today and find out what matters most to voters in Guelph. Contact us at volunteers@guelphgreens.ca to volunteer!

Leader of the Ontario Greens

Guelph votes Green. MPP Mike Schreiner has been an outspoken advocate for the environment, local food and water, affordable housing, small businesses, and mental health initiatives. He passed Ontario’s first-ever Green law, which protects electric vehicle drivers, while introducing other bills to conserve drinking water, get big money out of politics, and remove routine sick notes.

Back in 2018 MPP Mike Schreiner was elected with 48% of the overall vote. Lets do it again Guelph!

The Countdown To Election Day Is On