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People Powered Change

Tomorrow could be an historic day for Ontario

GUELPH, ON — The Green Party is on the verge of making history as voters respond to the party’s message of people powered change. For the last two weeks, polls have consistently shown Schreiner in the lead in a tight Guelph race. “Instead of negative campaigning, I’m...

Schreiner receives endorsements from Guelph leaders

GUELPH, ON — Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner has received endorsements from a range of leaders in Guelph who are putting their backing behind him as the right candidate for the community. “I’m honored that people from all political backgrounds are rallying behind...

The people of Guelph have the right to make their own decision

GUELPH, ON — Today’s statement from the local NDP candidate is not an honest assessment of the campaign in Guelph. The NDP is clearly struggling to understand the math, which is showing that Mike Schreiner is the frontrunner for Guelph. Voting Green is a vote to stop...

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